The Happy Jungle

Welcome to the Happy Jungle

Karen is the unshakable optimist behind @theHappyjungle. Her mission is to inspire new ways for people to think, feel, and live better. 


She believes that people truly shine with greater self-love, authenticity, and positivity. Her motto is that everyone is enough - everyone deserves happiness.

Growing up in a city like Hong Kong, Karen realized early on that people are losing their authenticity and integrity. Instead they conform to the norm, thinking it is better to play it safe and fit in all while losing their true selves.

No! This is wrong. People should feel safe and happy in their own skin. They should feel like they belong in this world as they are, with the freedom to express their individuality without fear. 


The Happy Jungle was created to inspire you to go outside and look at things differently. To open your mind, believe in yourself, share your most authentic self with the world, and most importantly find your true happiness. 

Sometimes, all we need to do is step outside and be in the wilderness. We'll find ourselves if we listen and look hard enough. We should all be grounded by the power of love and compassion.


Please do not expect perfect, polished, timeless wisdom articles here. The Happy Jungle is a place to offer you my view of the world, which focuses on mindfulness, positive mentality, healthy lifestyle. 


“Be happy. Be a jungle. Be a Happy Jungle!”